Chevy Chase Players

Fatal Attraction by Bernard Slade

Blair Griffin -
Elizabeth Keith
Morgan Richards -
Larry Blaskopf
Tony Lombardi -
David Dieudonne
Sgt Doris Aylesworth -
Joanne Young-Chewning
Lt Gus Braden -
Larry Berenson
Maggie Stratton -
Brenda Shaw
Show Photos
Production Staff
Director -
Jim Robertson
Assistant Director -
Peter Chewning
Producer -
Helen Templin

Friday and Saturday
March 10th - 25th, 2006

8:00 pm March 10, 17, 18, 24 and 25
** 2:00 pm March 11 **

Chevy Chase Community Center
5601 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015

The Chevy Chase Community Center is Metro accessible via the Red Line
to either the Van Ness/UDC stop or the Friendship Heights stop, then transfer
to a bus going north on Conn. Ave. from Van Ness to McKinley Street, or,
going east on Western Avenue from Friendship Heights. If walking from
Metro, it's about half a mile from both metro stops.

Parking available for free at the meters along Conn. Ave. (after 6:30), or in
the parking lot behind the building, or along the side streets.

For further audition information, directions, membership information,
or questions, please email us at