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The Snow Ball
by A.R. Gurney
Directed by Jim Robertson
Dance Class
by Bill Petros

February 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 2001

From David Cannon in The Montgomery Sentinel

  • "In many ways this is (Gurney's) trickiest play to pull off but CCP is currently mounting the best version I've seen of this work so far..."
  • "Director Jim Robertson manages to hit the right tone for this slippery play. It has to nostalgic, but somewhat frazzled around the edges. He generally strikes that tone dead on , thanks to his large but talented cast...."
  • "The set design by John Vandegriff is simple but highly functional, allowing the large cast to quickly move on and off the stage, while still allowing for small touches like the occasional snow fall effect. Richard Gabriel's lighting helps with the time and mood transitions throughout. And of course Thomas Bevans must e mentioned for all his work as ballroom dance instructor, which is so critical in a play like this. It's not easy to dance well, and even harder to dance "poorly" on purpose."
  • "...overall a strong and well done production. CCP makes this play look easier to pull off than it really is. This is not a heavy drama, but 'THE SNOW BALL' MAY BE THE MOST SERIOUS AND THOUGHT PROVOKING COMEDY YOU'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME"

Ballroom dance choreography and original dance music by Thomas Bevans.

This is a play certain to amuse and entertain, but with a hard edge typical of other Gurney plays such as The Middle Ages, The Dining Room , and Love Letters. Come see for yourself!

Performance dates:
February 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 2001 at 8:00 pm
The Cast
John McIlveen
Cooper Jones
Brenda Shaw
Liz Jones
Jenny Reitz
Lucy Dunbar
Francisco Reinoso
Jack Daley (Y)
Lawrence Blaskopf
Jack Daley (O)
Elizabeth Williams
Kitty Price (Y)
Mary Anne Peterson
Kitty Price (O) 
Larry Berenson
Saul Radner, Fritzi Klinger
Margery H. Berringer
Joan Daley, Barbara Fiske, Rhoda Radner
Latanya Williams
Ginny Waters TV Interviewer, Reporter
Curtis Jones
Brewster Dunn, Mr. Smithers, Workman
Elizabeth Holahan
Heather Healy, Waitress
Shiv Naagajaran
Billy Wickwire, TV Cameraman, Workman, Waiter
Althea Gregory
Mary Montesano, Girl
Brian Powers
Calvin Potter, Musician, Waiter
Jon Marget
Mr. Van Dam, Baldwin Hall 
Jim Robertson
Wendell Jones
Assistant Director
Maryellen Wright
Assistants to the Director,
Audition Assistants
Bari Bergman
and Greg Grenier
Ballroom Dancing Instructor
Thomas Bevans

At the Chevy Chase Community Center,
5601 Connecticut Ave. NW,
at Conn. & McKinley St.
Washington, DC 20015

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