Chevy Chase

Skin of our Teeth
by Thornton

Performance Dates November 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22, 1997

Director Loretta "Lucky" Brenner
Producer Wendell Jones
Playwrite Thornton Wilder

The Players
Announcer, Broadcast Official Sarah Thomas
Sabina Brenda Shaw
Mr. Fitzpatrick Wendell Jones
Mrs. Antrobus Betsy Riddle Ruderfer
Dinosaur, Souvenir Seller Patrick Clair
Mammoth, Broadcast Assistant, Ivy Wendy A.F. Green
Telegraph Boy, Professor, Conveener Bill Smith
Gladys Antrobus Jen Young
Henry Antrobus Paul Simon
Mr. Antrobus Frank Starr
Doctor, The Fortune Teller Jeanette L. Wurster
Moses, Conveener, Fred Bailey Ed Clair
Homer, Conveener, Mr. Tremayne Greg Grenier
Miss E. Muse, Conveener Amy Pascal
Miss T. Muse, Candidate, Hester Laura-Jean "Lolly" Gilbert
Miss M. Muse, Conveener Helen Templin
Refugee, Bingo-Caller Kathleen Meaney Stobie
Refugee, Conveener Meagan Stobie
Refugee, Vacationer Avery Nielsen
Refugee, Majorette, Vacationer Jessica S. Nielsen

Production Staff and Crew
Assistant Producer Helen Templin
Assistant Director Lisa Wax
Set Construction Chief John Vandegriff
Lighting Designer John Lindsay
Sound Designer Jim Blackburn
Master Electrician Jim Blackburn
Costumes & Props Helen Templin
Set Construction & Painting Wendell Jones, Loretta Brenner
Scenic Artist Susan Fox
Stage Manager Ruth L. Zetlin
Running Crew
Lisa Wax, Sally Robertson, David Robertson,
Wendell Jones, Victoria Wharton, Stephanie Bean
Tom Robertson, Amanda Babcock
Make-Up Joanne Fleming
Lighting Operators Kim Randolph, David Robertson
Sound Operator Jim Blackburn
Program & Flyer Wendell Jones
Ad Sales Loretta "Lucky" Brenner
Billboard Susan Fox
Photographer David Meltzer
Box Office Manager Jerry Miller
House Managers/Ushers
Doris Woodruff, Ed Schwartz, Karen Miller,
Nadine Smith, Harriet Belenker, Jerry Belenker,
Jules Abrams, Anita Willens, Cathy Roos,
Bill Feidt, Maureen Robinson, Jack Sbarbori,
Stephanie Mumford, Mona Brussat,
Ginny Zanner, Bill Brenner

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